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Sonia had a severe toothache. She could not eat anything nor could she go to school. Studying at home was also impossible due to pain. She was not able to sleep also.

Sonia : Oaa ... Maa .. .it's unbearable. "We must visit a dentist," said her uncle, Ashokbhai. The same evening they were at the Dental Care Clinic of Dr. Sharma. Dr. Bansi Sharma is a young and competent doctor.
Dr. Sharma :Hello young lady! What's the matter with you? Sonia(With difficulty): U ..... maa! Ahh doctor, I have a terrible toothache. Dr. Sharma : I can see. Let me check it. Sit in the chair, please.
(Sonia sits in the Dental Chair. The doctor switches on the headlight.) Dr. Sharma :Now open your mouth and say aah .... Sonia (Opening her mouth a little bit, slowly): Aaah ... ! Sorry, doctor. I can't open my mouth any wider than this.
Dr. Sharma :That's OK. (moving the mouth mirror and the probe in Sonia's mouth) I can see. I see a black spot on one of your premolars. There seems to be a cavity there.

Ashokbhai (startled) :Acavity?
Dr. Sharma Ashokbhai
Dr. Sharma Sonia :Yes, a cavity and quite a big one. I am prescribing some medicines today. The pain will subside by tomorrow. Only then the further treatment is possible. Can you come back tomorrow? : I will be out of station tomorrow.
:Well, Sonia can come alone. She is a brave girl.
:Yes, doctor. I'll have to.
II Next day Sonia felt better. She did not have much pain. She visited the doctor again at the fixed time. Dr. Sharma : Howdoyoufeel today, young lady?
Sonia :Much better. (Dr. Sharma cleaned the cavity with an air rotor. Then she filled it with a white substance known as Light
Cured Composite Filling Material. It contains synthetic resin, silica as filler and photo activator etc. ) Dr. Sharma :Yes, it's done. Thank you for keeping your mouth open without speaking a word.
As Sonia was the last patient that day, the doctor could spare time to talk to her. Sonia : Doctor, would you tell me why I got this cavity?

:Well, tell me one thing. Are you fond of sweets?
:Yes, I am. I love eating chocolates and ice cream as well as other sweets.
:And now tell me one more thing. Do you brush your teeth regularly twice a day? Do
you clean your mouth after meals and after eating chocolates or icecream?
:No, doctor. I brush my teeth only in the morning.
:Would you tell me the reason, doctor?
Dr. Sharma :Cleaning of mouth is the first requirement of dental hygiene. If you don't clean your mouth,
the tiny bits of food inside stick to the surface of your teeth and in the space between your
teeth. Now germs feed on these food particles who eventually eat up parts of the teeth too !
They destroy the enamel coating of the teeth, and in a long run it leads to cavity.

Sonia :Enamel coating? What's that?
Dr. Sharma :For that you need to understand the construction of our teeth. Our teeth have three layers.
The uppermost white layer is called enamel. It is the hardest and strongest part of our body.
The second layer is called dentin. It is slightly yellowish. The innermost layer is called dental
pulp. In your molar, there was a cavity which now no more exists.

Sonia :Molar? What is it?
Dr. Sharma :It's a kind of teeth. Look at the chart. There are two types of teeth- deciduous teeth, also known as milk teeth, and permanent teeth. Deciduous teeth are usually 20 in number and they shed one by one after growth. Thereafter, new permanent teeth come up. They are usually 32 in number.

Sonia :Yes, I also have 32 teeth but they all are not the same.
Dr. Sharma :They are different in shape, size and functions. There are four incisors, two canines, four

premolars and four or six molars in each jaw.

Sonia :Can I ask you a few questions about my friends' dental problems?
Dr. Sharma : Oh! Sure dear!
Sonia :Pooja, one of my classmates slipped off a staircase and she has some fractured teeth. What

should she do?

Dr. Sharma :Well, she needs to consult a dentist. After examining her teeth, the dentist will suggest the

restoration of the teeth with Light -Cured Composite Filling Material.

Sonia :OK. I have another friend named Dhara. She has uneven growth of teeth. Her teeth are not

properly grown. She feels very embarrassed at times. Any advice for her?

Dr. Sharma :No one should feel embarrassed about physical deformity. Her problem is called crowding.
Now, there is a solution for this problem also. The patient has to go for an orthodontic
treatment. The braces will bring her teeth in proper alignment.

Answer these questions.
(1) Why didAshokbhai take Sonia to Dr. Bansi Sharma?
(2) What treatment did Dr. Bansi Sharma give to Sonia?
(3) What, according to Dr. Bansi Sharma, must Sonia do to take care of her teeth?
( 4) What happens if we don't clean our teeth regularly?
(5) What is the right way of brushing the teeth according to Dr. Sharma?
( 6) How can we prevent cavity?
(7) What is enamel?
(8) How many layers do our teeth have? What are they called?
(9) What will Sonia learn from her project?

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