Aug 23, 2019

Resources in unusable conditions

Resources in unusable conditions

If some resources cannot be used according to present technology, these are known as resources in unusable conditions; e.g. those resources which now cannot be mined either because of its location or less quantity.

Water  Resources Water is very important requirement of human being. There are three sources to obtain water : 
(1) Rain water 
(2) Surface water   
(3)  Ground water.

Rain water : The earth receives water through rain and snowfall. Guyana in Hawaii Islands and Meghalaya in India receive maximum rain, while Chile, Libya, Sudan and some parts of Namibia get scanty rainfall. In the North-East and in coastal area of Western Ghats there is more rainfall than the normal. There are many regions in the world which depend on rain water for their normal agriculture.

Surface water : The rain water flows on the surface in the form of streams and rivers. Rain water is stored in ponds and lakes. The water which is stored on the surface of the earth is called 'Surface water'.  The volume of surface water is more in those area where the rainfall is also more. Surface water plays an important role in maintaining economy and ecosystem.

Maximum volume of surface water is contained in the Great lakes along the border of U.S.A. and Canada. These great lakes include Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. The longest river in the world River Nile flows through Egypt and other countries. This river is a lifeline for these arid regions. Ganga, Satluj, Brahmaputra, Narmada,  Godavari, Krishna, Mahanadi etc. are large rivers of India. These major river and their tributaries are very important. The surface water in Tehri dam. 

Ground water : Some portion of surface water from river, lakes, seas etc. gradually accumulates over the non-porous strata of rocks, penetrates down the surface through joints, holes, creacks, fissures, and is accumulated. It is known as 'Ground water'. Wherever such available surface water is insufficient wells and tubewells are prepared to use ground water.  Most of the irrigation in Gujarat is done through tube wells.

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Resources in unusable conditions
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