Jan 21, 2020

AVEDAN PATRA date 20/01/2020 Gujarat Rajya Prathmik Shixak Sangh Letter

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AVEDAN PATRA date 20/01/2020 Gujarat Rajya Prathmik Shixak Sangh Letter, Dharna karya baad Avedan patra apyu. Jeni pdf file nichhe link ma apel chhe.

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Read stories from the library, children's books. The teacher will give students a list of the various fruits, dresses, festivals, items used, and classify them in the table discussed in the group on which seasons to use. The teacher will show the graph of the marks obtained in different subjects to the students. Students will write the details outlined in the graph in a sentence form. Finds details based on tables, graphs, maps. The teacher will teach the students how to speak English in different times through a wall clock. Explain how to write time in words and numbers. Students will be given clock pictures in which students will draw a timely fork and display the time in English words. Speaking of time in English, the teacher will explain the differences between showing punctuation and punctuation sentences on the board to students. In addition it will explain the meaning and accordingly it will put punctuation marks and correct the sentence.

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              AVEDAN PATRA date 20/01/2020 Gujarat Rajya Prathmik Shixak Sangh Letter, Put proper punctuation marks in sentences and paragraphs. The teacher will arrange the students by speaking the numbers first, second, third .. etc. and rehearses the numerical indexes by means of questions and spaces. Students will be split into two groups. A group of students will speak numbers. The student of the second group will speak the English word corresponding to this number. The teacher will teach students how to use the dictionary to form words in the correct order, 'complete the word by typing the missing letters', 'arrange words in English alphabetical order', 'attach the spelling to the word with the picture'. Activity will do. Uses the dictionary.

                 The teacher will give students insight into the color, size, shape, number, etc. of various items in the classroom as well as test students' understanding using inversion questions. AVEDAN PATRA date 20/01/2020 Gujarat

             Students will be asked to speak about color, size, shape, number of items collected. The teacher will show the students a description of the picture through There is / There are and give sufficient rehearsals and then the students will make sentences using There is / There are. The teacher will introduce the rhythm that is followed by the syllable words. Children will advance the unfinished rhyme presented on the basis of pictures, actions and words. Stay connected with www.paripatra.xyz
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Date 20/01/2020 na roj Apel Avedan patra ni pdf download karo.

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AVEDAN PATRA date 20/01/2020 Gujarat Rajya Prathmik Shixak Sangh Letter
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