Jan 19, 2020

Shala Shvachata Grant ange Latest Paripatra 2020

Shala Shvachata Grant ange Latest Paripatra 2020

The teacher will tell a short familiar story using helpful material like pictures, cards, etc., and use appropriate gestures, gestures, students will tell a few parts of the story sequentially one by one and try to tell the whole story. Teacher will assist if needed. çlap ', etc., and it will take appropriate actions, give frequent rehearsals. Then just give instruction and students will respond. The teacher will take the paper to make something, give the paper to the students and interact with them and give proper instructions for making the toys or item and the students will follow this procedure. Students will pair this process. Teacher will provide students with silent reading of various passages, dialogues, descriptions. The teacher will ask questions of true / false, yes / no type and perform skimming scanning through activities like missing words.

Shala shvachchta

Teachers will read the paragraph and get it done and ask to be classified. Listen to short familiar stories and tell stories with helpful content. Listens, reads and responds to simple instructions. Listening to details, making pictures, toys and things.Reads dumb words and sentences in a meaningful context. Reads and interprets the story / paragraph. Transcribes meaningful sentences. Writes meaningful sentences. It uses appropriate words instead of deriving irrational words from the given details. Identifying details of the event as well as the characters, locations, and sequence of the story   The teacher will greet the students according to different situation / time and get responses from the students. In familiar situations respond to the greeting by greeting the event. The teacher will make requests in various contexts using dialogue with other teachers or senior students and provide listening practice to the students. Students will respond here using it is / sure / yes, you can / no you can't.

 Requests and responds to the request  Teacher gives students what is it? Students will get answers to such questions. Then verify the location of the item where is it? It will ask questions such as location, time, number of items and make rehearsals. WHE, WHEN, WHEN, WHAT, HOW MANY to ask information and answer questions. The teacher will present to the students a characteristic performance in which the English language is used and dramatize the short dialogues / stories associated with the students. Communicates in a familiar situation. Dialogues to engage in various situations The teacher will call the students the names of the object / place / object etc. in their familiar area in English and tell them how it is used in practice.

Shala shvachchta sankul 2020 Grant related Paripatra for parimary school in Gujarat
Shala Shvachata Grant ange Latest Paripatra 2020
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Shala Shvachata Grant ange Latest Paripatra 2020
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